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EZ CLEAN COMPANY offers cleaning services for all budgets. The price/quality report is incredible.

Cleaning Home and Offices

Our experienced and professional team will leave your offices and sites spotless and dazzling using only eco-friendly cleaning products. A crisp and clean workspace will boost employee morale and increase productivity.


A clean space will never be complete without final elimination of insects and pests like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and rats. We use eco-friendly products which we provide with material safety data sheets to treat your homes, offices, warehouses etc.

Laundry Services

We also take care of your laundry in a maximum of three days. Our agents collect your laundry from home or the office (or any other collection point that suits you) and drop them off after washing, you no longer need to drag yourself around with your laundry.

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Let us have an overview of our key elements that make Us Powerful.

Quality control

A quality control is conducted at the end of each phase to ensure treatment effectiveness before proceeding to next steps. Delivery is done within 72 hours

Technical proposal

We have a huge washroom equipped with high technology washers, dryers, ironing apparel etc.… We equally have various types of washing products like detergents, soap, bleach, stain removers, color fixers, starch etc.…

Well equiped

Hygiene and Sanitation remain the fundamental needs for all enterprises today. EZ Clean has a team of well-trained staff, fully equipped to handle all your laundry needs.

Dedicated Teams

We are a team of trained and experienced cleaning agents with expertise in home and office cleaning, onshore and offshore industrial site cleaning, site fumigation and pest control.

We work in partnership with all the major Cleaning solutions

we have unbeatable prices on the market for an excellent quality of service